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About Southern Comfort Wellness

Southern Comfort Wellness is a Direct Primary Care initiative that is committed to your well-being by delivering natural, safe products supporting your whole health with access to educational information that allows you to make informed decisions to benefit your health.

Our Roots

We are born from Southern Comfort Health. Our direct primary clinic (DPC) is in Fort Pierce, Florida, where we work towards providing affordable and personalized healthcare. We’ve returned family medicine to its root values of clinical excellence for every patient.

Southern Comfort Wellness is a natural progression from our experience in personalized healthcare. In fact, our experience is the reason we opened. Simply put, it’s a continued effort to assist people.

Southern Comfort Health Family

Southern Comfort Health DPC

Southern Comfort Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Healthcare tailored to your needs, schedule, and goals. We’re part of the movement to make medicine personal again. Click here for details on DPC.

Southern Comfort Mental Health

Southern Comfort Mental Health

Mental Health Therapy, including Medication Management. We’re here to understand your concerns and customize a treatment plan. Learn more about Southern Comfort Mental Health.

Southern Comfort Wellness

Delivering natural wellness products and information to make a tremendous impact…purifying your body and mind.