While early research does suggest that CBD (cannabidiol) may help your dog or cat with anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures, studies are ongoing. It’s still too early to confirm if CBD is safe for your pets. The FDA has not approved any medications for animals that contain CBD. It is important to first discuss CBD with your veterinarian.

About CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound that comes from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of industrial hemp or marijuana cannabis. It is the most widely accepted non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa plant.

Cannabinoids are molecular compounds naturally made from Cannabis sativa plants; however, they are also found in other plants and produced inside bodies. Cannabinoids are classified as fatty compounds that play vital roles within immune and central nervous systems.

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Will CBD get my pet high?

Because CBD is a non-intoxicating component from industrial hemp, which legally must have less than 0.3 percent of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there’s no “high” or euphoric effect as a result of using hemp-derived CBD.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Pure cannabidiol appears to be safe and well tolerated by animals. A 2018 study by Frontiers in Veterinary Science reported increased benefits in dogs with arthritic conditions. This study did “note an increase in alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity in dogs’ livers during CBD treatment, but owners reported no side effects.”

It must be stated again, studies are ongoing, and it’s still too early to confirm the potential benefits, and side effects, of CBD for our furry friends.

IMPORTANT: One thing that is known, THC can be toxic in high amounts for dogs and cats and may cause severe adverse reactions. To avoid these side effects, look for THC-free CBD like cbdMD’s broad spectrum CBD.

“The premium hemp extracts in broad spectrum CBD for pets offers the same benefits to animals as it does to humans. CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system that’s present in both people and pets. Because of this similarity in physiology, both can be positively affected by CBD in similar ways. Pets in need of wellness support, extra calm, or a daily boost to their health may benefit from CBD’s powerful properties that promote balance throughout the body,” cbdMD.

A 2020 study found that cannabidiol performed well as an anti-inflammatory effects on dogs. Cats can benefit from CBD, as well. Among the most common uses for cats, and dogs, is to treat anxiety.

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CBD for your pets anxiety

CBD oil can be used regularly, for pets that are naturally nervous. It can also be used situationally for temporary relief from anxiety-inducing situations: a new home, travel, bringing home new pets, fireworks, etc. Keep in mind, there is no scientific evidence that conclusively proves CBD relieves anxiety.

Some research suggests that CBD treats anxiety by affecting serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a naturally-produced chemical that plays an important role in mood, sleep and behavior. CBD may work by regulating those serotonin levels, similar to an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications.

There is limited clinical trials exploring CBD and anxiety on pets. This study by the Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that CBD can lower anxiety levels, as well as improve stress and depression.

How to Give CBD to Pets

CBD intake varies between different species, sizes, and shapes. Start with the lowest indicated measurement and closely monitor your pet’s progress. When starting a CBD regimen, it’s generally suggested to maintain a steady routine for at least 30 days to achieve optimal wellness. If you don’t see desired results after the initial 30 days, gradually increase the daily amount given.


While CBD for pets is safe, it may potentially react with some medications and reduce their effectiveness. Research into CBD interaction with over-the-counter and prescription medication is ongoing. Speak with your veterinarian with any questions about adding CBD to your pet’s daily wellness regimen and if there is any potential for interaction with their current medications.

While CBD offers the same benefits of high quality hemp extracts and terpenes to animals as it does to humans, it is always best to use only those products that have been made specifically for pets to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness. CBD for dogs and CBD for cats have been veterinarian-formulated with pet-safe ingredients in every tincture, topical, and hard chew to support their wellness and provide optimum results.

CBD oil tinctures and hard chews for pets come in several different CBD concentration options. Each of our veterinarian-formulated products is clearly labeled with specific serving suggestions based on the concentration of CBD in each product and your pet’s weight. Every pet is different, and it’s important to serve them the proper amount for best results. We recommend choosing the miligram (mg) option that best fits your dog or cat and following the suggested serving directions for each individual product.