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About Southern Comfort Wellness

Southern Comfort Wellness is a natural progression from our experience in healthcare – our direct primary clinic (DPC) is in Fort Pierce, Florida, where we’ve worked towards providing affordable and personalized care. Here, we offer natural and effective wellness options, like our hand-picked CBD, all-natural liquid vitamins, essential oils, lip balms and handcrafted bath and body products. And just as much energy went into our infrastructure so we can deliver them to your door on-time.

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Our commitment to your wellbeing goes beyond products and extends to providing access to a potpourri of useful information.

Differences Between CBD, CBDA, and CBG

Differences Between CBD, CBDA, and CBG

We went over the differences between CBD and CBDA here. Though with the emergence of CBG products like tinctures and capsules, it's a good idea to discuss these 3 cannabinoids together, which may help you decide which one will work best for you*. First thing to know,...

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Does CBD Support Mental Health?

Does CBD Support Mental Health?

CBD works to help maintain our bodies’ healthy state of balance and internal stability. It's widely used to ease aches, discomfort and pain, as a sleep aid, and help with everyday wellness. Does CBD support mental health? A 2020 study suggests CBD may help encourage...

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