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Buried Treasure Liquid Vitamins

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All-Natural Ingredients

The ingredients in these liquid vitamins from Buried Treasure are globally sourced from select regions for their quality and specialty.  Every plant sourced ingredient is third party tested along with being tested in their lab and comes with a certificate of analysis.
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The Liquid Advantage

Why Buried Treasure Liquid Vitamins?
Most experts agree that the need for vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements is greater today than ever before, because the majority of our food supply is over processed and adulterated, leading to a depleted nutrient content. Until now, nutritional supplements have been available mostly in the form of tablets, capsules, and softgel caps.


This brings up the question of absorption of these products. In order for vitamins and minerals to be utilized by the body, they must be absorbed by the blood cells from the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract. Studies have questioned whether tablets, capsules, and softgel caps dissolve quickly enough to be effective, if they dissolve! Therefore, the key to nutrient effectiveness is directly related to the amount of active ingredients and the rate of their delivery and assimilation into the bloodstream.