Skin Care

Handmade Soaps, Scrubs, Face Wash, Lotions, and Beard Oils.

Handmade Soaps, Scrubs, Face Wash, Lotions and Beard Oil

These skin care products come from Your Body Bliss, whose passion is to create exceptional, soaps, bath, and beauty products while focusing on high quality ingredients, to restore your bodies natural balance.

The soaps are natural cold process. They take longer to make, but the end result is well worth the wait. A variety of oils and butters are used, such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Babassu Oil. The raw ingredients come from all over the world. It is essential that they only source from responsible fair trade companies, who share their commitment of sustainable practices for harvesting raw products.

Handcrafted liquid body washes are made with authentic, baby safe, gentle Castile soap and essential oils. Authentic Castile soap is safe for nearly anything that you can wash. This one soap can replace nearly all of your skin care needs.

Exfoliating your face using one of these salt or sugar scrubs not only removes dead skin cells and increases circulation, but it also encourages regeneration. It will improve circulation, which gives skin a natural glow. Scrubbing with salt also helps to remove bacteria from the skin and unclog pores – helps to tone and tighten skin. These sugar scrubs are emulsified to give you a better application for high-end spa results. Organic Shea Butter and essential oils sourced from all over the world, blended into a luxurious treat for your skin.

Skin Care For Men

Growing a healthy and strong beard is all about proper grooming practices throughout the process. By incorporating a beneficial regimen into your morning and evening grooming practices, your beard will benefit in a number of ways. These beard oils are formulated to not only condition, add shine, and increase manageability but also to be good for your beard and skin. Vitamins and Flaxseed are added to promote growth and strength.

handmade soap

5 Reasons to Use Natural, Handmade Soaps

Soaps and body washes that you use to bathe with may actually be doing more harm to your body than good. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Anything you rub on it eventually gets absorbed into your bloodstream, such as the “fragrance” in cosmetic soap. We all like to smell nice, but if the ingredient label on your soap mentions “Fragrance,” it could actually be a chemical cocktail that you’d have a hard time tracking down the contents of. The FDA doesn’t regulate the breakdown of Fragrance Ingredients, as they are the company’s “trade secret.” Cosmetic soaps can also contain sulfates, triclosan, and parabens – the more easier to pronounce chemicals. A lot of deodorant soaps, and beauty bars, are nothing more than detergents.