The Bug Juice

All-Natural Insect Repellent and Itch Relief

The Bug Juice is an insect repellant formulated Florida tough that creates a scent and bite barrier that No See-Ums, Mosquitos and other insects cannot bite through, making it the most effective bug repellent on the market.

Bug Juice

All-Natural Insect Repellent

The Bug Juice is an all-natural insect repellent specifically formulated for No-See-Ums and Mosquitos. It also works great for Fire Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Black Flies, Yellow Flies, Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Greenhead Flies and more!

Why Does The Bug Juice Work Better Than everything else on the market?

There are no harsh chemicals, no alcohol or water so it will not evaporate off of your skin after 3-4 minutes which means you don’t have to keep reapplying over and over essentially wasting your money. No-See-Ums don’t feed by scent like Mosquitos do, so it’s all about the barrier. Specific therapeutic grade essential oils specifically for their Chemotypes to be gentle on your skin, effective in repelling insects and to create a Maximum Scent and Bite Barrier for your skin that insects cannot penetrate.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Citronella, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Clove, Cedarwood, Lemon, Rosemary, Highly Refined Food Grade White Oils.