Zinc, Echinacea & Vit C, Orange


Lozenges with Natural Orange Flavor are the perfect dietary supplement to add to your daily routine. These lozenges taste incredible and work well to boost your entire family’s immune system, including kids five years and above. The wholesome formula is gluten-free, free of artificial sweeteners and colorings. Made with love, these lozenges contain a potent blend of powerful natural ingredients that promote good health round the clock, no matter the season.

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These orange throat lozenges will support your Immune System – Promotes Overall Good Health for Adults and Children over 5.


Ingredients: All-natural Lozenges contain Zinc, Echinacea and Vitamin C, combining to provide nutritional support for adults and kids five years and above.

Immune support: these Lozenges help your family strengthen their immune system for all year-round good health and wellness.

Kid-friendly: Made with the best natural ingredients, these candy-like delicious orange Lozenges are gluten-free, free of artificial sweeteners and colors, which makes them safe and effective for daily intake.

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