Reduce Thanksgiving Stress

Nov 10, 2022 | Wellness

Stressed about turkey day? You’re not alone. Food, obnoxious relatives, start of the holiday season…there’s plenty of triggers. In fact, in one study 71% of participants reported feeling some form of stress when thinking about this annual smorgasbord. Click through this slideshow to see 9 ways to reduce Thanksgiving stress.

Way too much food, obnoxious relatives, start of the holiday season…there’s plenty of stress triggers around Thanksgiving. Click through this slideshow to see 9 ways to reduce Thanksgiving stress.

You don't need this kind of stress in your life!

Click through this slideshow for stress-relievers.

1. Power of Music to Reduce Stress

According to one study , listening to music can lower your heart rate, release endorphins and improve your sense of well-being. If you’re feeling crowded on Thanksgiving, take a music break.


Pre-Thanksgiving: to feel your best on the big day, you’re going to need to have the proper amount of sleep.

Rest is Important

Rest is important for the mind and body to function properly. Make the most of your rest by adding the power of an award-winning CBD sleep formula! You need to load up on sleep before loading up on carbs!

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3. Breathing Techniques

A counting practice to help find a sense of calm. Watch (or just listen) to this video from Calm…troubles may float away.

4. Delta 8 Gummies

Delta-8 THC is gaining popularity! It’s like the middle ground for those who feel CBD is too mild but marijuana to be too intense. Learn more about Delta-8 here. If you’ve got Thanksgiving family drama, Delta-8 Gummies are an ideal treat to free up your mind and just relax.

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5. Try a New Recipe - CBD Latte

CBD may improve mood, promote resilience to stress and relieve irritability.* And this CBD Latte recipe, from cbdMD, incorporates all the benefits of CBD into your brew so you can enjoy a soothing cup of self-care.

Recipe on Next Slide

CBD Latte Recipe



  • Pull your espresso shots and add to a 12-ounce mug.
  • Froth the milk to your liking. 
  • Add the milk to the espresso and stir in the CBD.

6. CBD For Pets

Don’t forget your dog or cat. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, your pets may feel anxious with a lot of people suddenly in their space. CBD for pets can having a calming effect.

Learn more about CBD for your dog or cat.

7. Activity

Anxious about the food you cooked for your family? Join the football game or run around the yard with the kids. Physical activity tends to be a stress reliever and your thoughts can float away from lumpy mashed potatoes.

8. Enjoy Time with Loved Ones

Life moves fast. Enjoy the time you have to spend with family and friends.

9. Post-Meal Elderberry

Overeating on Thanksgiving is sometimes part of the tradition. “The absorption of elderberry extract in the bloodstream can improve digestive health by supporting the gut microbiome.” (1) You can take in Elderberry through syrup or gummies.

Learn more about Elderberry, and possible side effects, here.

There are plenty of other methods to reduce Thanksgiving stress.

Such as not talking politics or debating what’s better, stuffing or dressing. Find what works best for you and have a great holiday season!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of the products listed here are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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