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Over-processing is a problem with a majority of our food supply. When food is over-processed, it becomes diluted with things you don’t need. The result is a depletion of essential nutrients. This nutrient depletion is why people seek supplements. In order for the body to benefit from supplements, blood cells must first absorb them. Traditional vitamins contain barriers (like fillers and binders) that make it hard for the nutrients to assimilate into the bloodstream. The body has to use energy to break these barriers, making it harder for the body to absorb the supplement’s nutrients.
Liquid vitamins are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to supplement their diets and improve their overall health. While there is no “magic pill” that can provide all of the nutrients a person needs, liquid vitamins are a convenient and efficient way of supplementing your diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. Liquid supplements offer several unique advantages over traditional pill-based supplements that can make them an ideal choice for many people.
One of the main benefits of liquid vitamins is faster absorption. Unlike pills which must be broken down by the digestive system before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream, liquid nutritional supplements have already been broken down into smaller particles which allows them to pass through cell membranes more quickly and easily. This means that the nutrients in the supplement are available for use by your body much faster than with traditional pill-based supplements.
In addition to being more easily absorbed, liquid nutritional supplements are also much easier to swallow than pills. Many people have difficulty swallowing large pills or capsules due to size or texture. Liquid supplements provide an alternative option for those who find it difficult or uncomfortable to take pills. From Buried Treasure.

All-Natural Ingredients

The ingredients in these liquid vitamins from Buried Treasure are globally sourced from select regions for their quality and specialty.  Every plant sourced ingredient is third party tested along with being tested in their lab and comes with a certificate of analysis.
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The Liquid Advantage

Why Buried Treasure Liquid Vitamins?
Most experts agree that the need for vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements is greater today than ever before, because the majority of our food supply is over processed and adulterated, leading to a depleted nutrient content. Until now, nutritional supplements have been available mostly in the form of tablets, capsules, and softgel caps.


This brings up the question of absorption of these products. In order for vitamins and minerals to be utilized by the body, they must be absorbed by the blood cells from the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract. Studies have questioned whether tablets, capsules, and softgel caps dissolve quickly enough to be effective, if they dissolve! Therefore, the key to nutrient effectiveness is directly related to the amount of active ingredients and the rate of their delivery and assimilation into the bloodstream.